Environmental Citizenship

Sustainable Technological Innovations implemented in the Adão Barata Park (PAB)

This section was created with the purpose of promoting greater awareness in Portuguese society of the need for a transformation in the civilizational paradigm, by changing behaviors and lifestyles that reflect greater environmental awareness with an impact on improving the relationship between activities human resources and available resources. 

It will also be a place through which to seek to promote greater information and knowledge about the vulnerabilities and potential of the territory that encompasses Parque Adão Barata, in Loures, where this project will take place.

In the course of the development of activities carried out within the scope of the PAB_LivingLab, pedagogical materials and resources will be published in this tab focused on enabling society to face environmental challenges, making it co-responsible and involving it in the construction of a continuously critical perspective with regard to issues relating to the sustainability of the Planet.

In line with the national and international commitments assumed by Portugal, namely through the Paris Agreement and, more recently, through the Sustainable Development Goals, which are part of the 2030 Agenda, this page will seek to build its environmental literacy strategy on the pillars that sustain the decarbonization of society, the circular economy and the enhancement of the territory.

Virtual Tour of Adão Barata Park (PAB)