"PAB_LivingLab – Experience decarbonization in Adão Barata Park" is a project financed by the Environment Program of the EEA Grants Portugal. University of Lisbon, bim+, dst solar and innovation point [dstgroup].

Through the Agreement of the European Economic Area (EEA), signed in the city of Porto in May 1992, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are partners in the internal market with the Member States of the European Union.

In order to promote a continuous and balanced strengthening of economic and trade relations, the parties to the European Economic Area Agreement have established a multi-annual Financial Mechanism, known as EEA Grants, through which Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway financially support member states the European Union with greater deviations from the European average of GDP per capita, which includes Portugal.

AIDGLOBAL – Action and Integration for Global Development – ​​is a non-governmental non-profit organization operating in Portugal and Mozambique. It was created with the aim of promoting Literacy and Education for Development and Citizenship.

AIDGLOBAL's history begins on November 4, 2005, after a volunteer experience of its founder, Susana Damasceno, in Gaza province, Mozambique. In 2006, it was recognized with the status of Non-Governmental Organization for Development by the Portuguese Government and registered with Camões – Institute for Cooperation and Language, I.P. It was also recognized by the Mozambican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in 2009, and considered a Youth Association Equated by the RNAJ – National Register of Youth Associations.

The General Secretariat (SG) for Environment and Climate Action (MAAC) is a central service of the State's direct administration, endowed with administrative autonomy. 

The SG's mission is to ensure support for policy formulation, strategic and operational planning, the MAAC's performance in the international sphere, the application of European law and the preparation of the budget, ensuring the management of international and European funding programs in charge. of the MAAC, as well as ensuring technical and administrative support to the offices of the members of the Government integrated in MATE and to other bodies and services integrated therein, in the domains of internal resource management, technical-legal and litigation support, documentation and information and of communication and public relations.

Under the EEA Grants, the General Secretariat for Environment and Climate Action is the operator of the Environment Program.

Entidades parceiras

The Municipality of Loures is the municipal body of this municipality and its mission is to define and implement policies with a view to defending the interests and meeting the needs of the local population.

In this sense, it is responsible for promoting the development of the municipality in all areas of life, such as health, education, social action and housing, the environment and basic sanitation, spatial planning and urbanism, transport and communications, the public supply, sport and culture, consumer protection and civil protection.

Instituto Superior Técnico, namely CERIS - Civil Engineering Research and Innovation for Sustainability, whose mission is to contribute to the development of society and promote quality Higher Education.

bim+ is one of the dstgroup companies. It is based on the Virtual Design Concept (VDC) environment, which enables the communication and sharing of integrated information during the life cycle of a construction, supported by a digital, parametric model, which constitutes a database and serves as a reference to the most diverse types of advanced operations.

It emerges as a necessity for the construction sector to enter the digitalization era, in which the urgency of digital information is unavoidable, so the use of the BIM methodology integrated in all its projects, involving the various companies of the group, is vital for guarantee their differentiation in society and in the economy.

Company specialized in providing services in the field of engineering, within the scope of Project, Supply, Execution, Operation and Maintenance, in the solar energy sector. Over the last decade, it has acquired experience in various segments, within the scope of decentralized energy production, based on renewable energies. It is found in the roadmap for carbon neutrality, in which it intends to make a strong contribution to the energy transition of the Portuguese economy.

A dstgroup company that creates technological products and services for the world. Innovation Point's goal is to bring them to market, either directly, through its own channels or through licensing to third-party market agents or trading partners.